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Wholesale Distributors Specializing in a Wide Variety of Gold Jewelry,

Other Fine Jewelry and Diamonds

Serving to the Caribbean Islands since 1984. 

Established in NYC

in 1984

Every month you can find  

Veri Oro Inc. representatives in

St. Maarten, St. Thomas, Jamaica, and Aruba. We also ship to other islands in the Caribbean and Alaska. 


Our Jewelry is 14kt Gold, Manufactured in Italy, Turkey, and the U.S.

We carry a large selection of well-made, high quality jewelry pieces, for men and women; ensuring that your accessory will last a long time.

We Also Carry Silver Jewelry, Gold Jewelry with Semi-precious Stones,

and Jewelry with Diamonds

For your diamond needs, Veri Oro Inc. has a large selection of loose diamonds, ranging from pointers to larger stones.

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